Home Theater, Whole House AV, Residential and Commercial Data Integration Services
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Dedicated Media & Theater Rooms

When you want a high performance, a high value home theater, an integrated multi-media space in your company office or conference center, or simply an audio video presentation room we deliver. Come see today's incredible values with us.

Family Entertainment Systems

We make it easy for you and your family to kick back, relax and enjoy your 'home time'. Whether you simply want to watch the news, enjoy a movie or relax to your favorite tunes, we know how to meet your needs without the over-selling you get elsewhere. Talk to us and see for yourself.

Music Systems & Acoustic Treatments

Before there were home theaters there was Hi Fi. We love music. Our passion for listening drives us to share and promote some of the world's most coveted high end audio lines, both analog and digital, at Creative Entertainment Systems. When you want to really enjoy music, give us a listen.

Hi-Definition Made Simple & Easy

Blu-ray, Plasma vs. LCD, 120Hz/240Hz, Lumens, Pixels, enough... We eliminate techno-speak and tell it like it is. Want to know what size works best in your room or from a given viewing distance? We're here to tell you the facts in plain English and show you the difference. Come see with us.

Room Furniture and Decor

Just like you, we enjoy some style with our entertainment technology products. We sell Hi Fi / Audio-Video Stands, Credenzas, Media Storage Units and more, to enhance your life's style. You'll find many options at great prices here at Creative Entertainment Systems. Decorate with us.

Whole House & Multi-Room Systems

From an urban brownstone to a suburban condo or a country estate, no job is too big or too small for our talented technicians. Through discovery and design to engineering, deployment and support, when you want a high quality result deal with the high quality company - make a deal with us.